Los Secretos Del Alma

Regressive Therapist
María Moguel
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My Story

My Look of the Soul

It all starts with a deeper misunderstanding of my existence, of my deep emotional pain, and dissatisfaction with the constant lack of meaning in my life. I went through many years in the same long search to find what my BEING was needing. I did not know for sure what it was, which left me searching through dozens of therapies and courses of different modalities. I went to retreats. In truth they did help me a little, but always only for a short time. After a few days the feelings of being incomplete always returned to me like a boomerang. I used to live my days constantly feeling the emptiness in the depths of my being. Indeed, there was a missing piece. I did not truly feel unconditional love.

By not experiencing unconditional love, I knew that something was missing. I looked for it everywhere but I was blocked because I was not ‘seeing’ myself with the eyes of the soul, not even feeling my soul or listening to it. At that point I really got tired of everything. I finally surrendered and asked God to show me the way, to speak to me and to make it clear and very loud, because until then I had never been able to hear it. Just hours after this prayer I heard a speaker talking at a conference about the entrapment of the soul and the consequences that this has on us, in our present, in this physical body. Right then and there I was able to understand why I couldn’t move forward, nor feel complete either. In that moment I clearly understood the message, there were some parts of my soul that had been trapped in my past experiences. It was so fascinating to listen to him speak; my whole body was shaking like never before and right there I knew, that my prayer was answered.

When parts of your soul are trapped in past experiences you don't feel whole and complete.

That day I also knew that this was the path to follow and I contacted Nacho Romón the Master and began my studies with him. By studying the soul in the modality of Regressive Therapy, little by little studying, practicing and living it my soul began to integrate parts of the energy that has been lost in all those past experiences. At the same time, I recovered my soul’s autonomy and now my soul is the one who directs me, because it’s the only one who has all the wisdom, the essence of who I am, of who we are.

Consecutively I understood that time does not exist for the soul and that understanding was how I immersed myself in my new mysterious exploration of the soul and all the memories recorded for years or perhaps centuries. The soul is where all information resides; It is the source from which all the experiences, beliefs and sensations that have impacted us continue and will continue to impact our existence until we put an end to negative beliefs that block us by reliving our traumatic moments and confronting them and eradicating them.

If you don't make a change you continue living in a state of survival that prevents you from expanding and shining from within.

Otherwise, we would continue following the same illusions. We would continue to stay in a state of survival which prevents us from expanding and shining from within.
Thanks to the fact that my body screamed as though in physical pain, from those emotions, the same thoughts and symptoms that were constantly repeating without logic allowed me to find the teacher who guided me to enter the emotional library of my soul. One by one I have been recognizing the ‘emotional books ‘that contain all those memories, experiences and beliefs that were trapped in my soul in an endless loop. It was then that I understood that the Soul keeps Secrets – that they are really open secrets that are expressed through the body, because in reality there are no secrets for the soul, it always speaks to you loudly and does it in different ways, such as in dreams or through sadness, abandonment, anguish, insecurity, disagreement, lethargy, anger, frustration, illnesses, etc.
The concept of Time is a construction of the human mind. When you understand that the SOUL lives in an eternal present is when you have a better understanding of many emotions, pains and difficulties that we may be experiencing because they keep showing up today but according to the human concept of time they have occurred in the past.
Now my journey makes more sense to me and the courses, therapies, relationships, friendships, the family where I was born, everything has been perfect and necessary for my evolution as a soul and everything that I denied, rejected of my being and my environment, today I bless and I express my gratitude because without it I would not be who I am today.

¡Today I bless and express my gratitude to everything I have experienced; whitot it I wouldn’t be who I am today!.

Living with harmonious mind-body-heart-soul connection is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a human being; I am happy to be able to can tell you that today I live with abundant energy, with joy and inner peace and when things happen, well, I’m still human and they happen, I already have the tools to analyze them and keep the good lessons learned and release the rest.
Having this new awareness, I am now a passionate practitioner of this therapy and I wish with all my heart to be a channel to you and many other people to help them reveal the secrets of their souls to live free of ties making the unconscious conscious, enjoying their original soul plan and dedicate themselves only to BE; who they were intended to BE since the beginning of YOUR EXISTENCE AS A SOUL! Although this is a journey not a destination, I am still walking and constantly discovering myself in new experiences that continually fill my soul and my being and I dare you to click the bottom below to start your transformation.

¿Do You Dare to Bare Your Soul?

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