Los Secretos Del Alma

Regressive Therapist
María Moguel
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Feel the Memory Comprehension
Confrontation of the Moment of Entrapment
Release the Trapped Energy
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Do you have symptoms, emotions, or thoughts that repeat themselves without apparent logic?

Guided, you can enter the memory of your soul, as if it were a library and one by one recognize those ’emotional books’ that contain the memories, experiences and beliefs where your soul became trapped and remains in an endless loop. Feeling an emotion or a sensation in the physical body is how we can access the memory of the soul/unconscious and resolve what is still pending so that you can live free, full of love, harmony and peace.

¿What does the accompaiment of the regression sessions consist of?

The emotion that is constantly repeating in our lives is located in the physical body, is the gateway to the therapeutic process and to the experiences that are still unresolved and that remains anchored in our body.
The patient gets to understand that parts of the experience continue to lead to act and feel that same way.
With a new consciousness a person faces the old experience in a different way, doing and expressing everything that at the time could not do and/or express.

The patient opens the energy centers located in the physical body to extract the energy that was trapped from that experience and that continues to be present in the body.

The patient will feel the recuperation and integration of the new energy and as if it were magic, will instantly feel a sensation of relief, lightness and deep peace and tranquility.
The patient will anchor the new learning and the new energy that is now in the soul and will empower it in the coming weeks through visualizations.
In conclusion, soul therapy brings to consciousness experiences where the soul was trapped living in hidden traumatic moments that continue to be constantly relived from the unconscious, influencing the current life. By becoming aware of the origin of the traumatic moment, the patient can manage his emotions, phobias and thoughts that previously could not control on his own.

You can take Regressive Therapy in person if you live in Toronto
or virtually from anywhere in the world.

¿Do You Dare to Bare Your Soul?

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