Los Secretos Del Alma

Regressive Therapist
María Moguel
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I am

My name is María Moguel, now a Regressive Therapist, coach and process facilitator.

I assist people of all walks of life along their personal growth process of releasing their emotional stresses through Regressive Therapy.  I especially help entrepreneurs unlock hidden barriers within themselves that prevent them from bringing out the best in themselves and thus be able to BE unlimited entrepreneurs.

Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty arises when the soul is satisfied”.

Amit Ray

The Art and The Soul

The most wonderful journey is not going around the world, nor exploring the ends of the Universe, but to go to the bottom of your soul and to discover the beauty of it. To really discovering who you are is an Art, because it allows you to understand how to dance in time, to understand that you are a soul having an experience in a physical body, with a mind, an emotional body, and an energetic body, to discover that for the soul time does not exist; it is only the present “The eternal present of The Soul”.


¿Tienes síntomas, emociones, o pensamientos que se repiten sin una lógica, aparente?​

Release the Trapped Energy

The patient opens the energy centers located in the physical body to extract the energy that was trapped from that experience and that continues to be present in the body.

¿Do You Dare to Bare Your Soul?

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