Los Secretos Del Alma

Regressive Therapist
María Moguel
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The Art and The Soul

The Art of Connecting with your Essence

The most wonderful journey is not going around the world, nor exploring the ends of the Universe, but to go to the bottom of your soul and to discover the beauty of it. To really discovering who you are is an Art, because it allows you to understand how to dance in time, to understand that you are a soul having an experience in a physical body, with a mind, an emotional body, and an energetic body, to discover that for the soul time does not exist; it is only the present “The Eternal Present of The Soul”.

That’s why Art has also been a genuine way for me to express my deepest feelings, I was able to capture and release my greatest pains, emotions and frustrations by painting flowers of all kinds, especially exotic flowers, without knowing that with each one of them I was healing myself. I wasn’t aware until I had the opportunity to participate in an art contest in Italy and had to describe the meaning of each of my participating pieces, I understood that with each painted canvas I was healing my soul, each flower had a special spiritually meaning, as per say the Orchid helped me heal the relationship with myself or the Cactus flower my relationship with mom.

Below, I share some of my work and a bit of my healing process and my relationship with painting flowers.


She was asleep for many lives simply pretending to be someone she was not, most of the time pleasing others, saying yes when she wanted to say no until one day, she realized her inner power and beauty, which is infinite to really be the wonderful Magnolia that she is and that she has always been, it was then when she decided to flourish, live calm and relaxed knowing that her beauty lies within her.

The Orchid of My Soul

Painting an orchid just when I was going through a very difficult time in my life helped me remember my true essence, who I really am. Seeing myself reflected in that orchid and its vibrant colors. Which symbolizes admiration, respect and dignity leading me to the commitment I made with myself; I had to learn to embrace myself and accept myself as I am. The Orchid is spiritually considered as a symbol of love, so unconsciously when I painted it, the force of love was anchored in myself. These plants grow and flourish easily in most conditions especially in rocky areas, therefore for me it represents the breakthrough of new beginnings in my life.

Eternal Lotus

The lotus flower is a symbol of the purity of the soul, mind, body and speech, therefore this painting has been the symbol of that purification of myself and like this flower, even being rooted in the swamp for years, it has been able to bloom again and floated on the muddy waters and even being in that place it glows from its essence; process that has also allowed me to get rid of the past, cleaning all impurity that had accumulated throughout my life. It allowed me to expand my consciousness, to get rid of all that no longer resonated with me and reprogram it again.

Happy Sunflower

At a time when I had lost my joy for life, I turned up to the sky and the sun shining bright reminded me of the beauty of life, so I thought of a flower to symbolize that moment, in fact I began to paint this beautiful sunflower to remind me of the illusion to live and constantly enjoy my life. This beautiful flower turns towards the sun to open and shine and I felt it as a reflection of myself. This contains the healing energy of love, joy and the hidden smile to brighten the soul due to its association with the sun. The sunflower is well known for being a happy flower and the perfect bloom to deliver love all summer long and lift the spirits of whoever looks at it and admires it, smells it and connects with its essence.

Cactus in Pink

In the process of finding myself I had to dig deep and I discovered many very important things, I understood how much I was missing and how much I have longed for my mother’s love. And this is when I was really amazed at how the soul leads you to the natural healing process what needs to be strengthened the weakest parts, when I discovered the spiritual meaning of the cactus flower, I was in shock, since the cactus flower is the symbol of maternal love. Healing the maternal bond with my mom is one of the biggest and deepest jobs my soul came to experience in this lifetime. On the other hand, to paint this beautiful flower has taken me to places I never imagined, so this work just by seeing it reminds me of the unconditional love and protective qualities of a mother although now I am the only one who can give my inner child the motherly love. This cactus flower transmits protection and joy, which is what I am now, like that mother who supports her innocent child.

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